AcoustiSorb - Sound Absorbing Walls

Our AcoustiSorb composite panel is a star performer in the field of sound absorption and attenuation. 

Increasingly, with the constant push of development into residential areas and expansion of rail corridors, commercial HVAC units, machinery enclosures and loading docks, the need to absorb sound as opposed to simply reflecting it away by breaking the line of sight is becoming very important. 

Sound Absorbing barrier walls and enclosures can dramatically reduce the noise in all directions thus providing a peaceful environment for surrounding workers or residents.


Suitable for external and internal applications

Completely weather proof 

Pre-finished in Off White (outdoor use)

Environmentally friendly recycled PET core


Highly impact resistant

Panel spans up to 4 meters

Can be mounted horizontally or vertically


Technical Specifications


AcoustiSorb 75™

AcoustiSorb 100™

Outer Skin

Aluminium / Painted Steel (off white)

Aluminium / Painted Steel (off white)

Panel Core

Sound Absorbing

Sound Absorbing

Available Lengths (mm)

2400 - 4000

2400 - 4000

Available Widths (mm)



Thickness (mm)




14.32kg/m2 (can be varied)

14.72kg/m2 (can be varied)

Rw / NRC (max.)

29 / 0.9

34 / 0.95

McDonalds AcoustiWall

On Site Testing

After we installed our AcoustiSorb75 panel to this challenging roof top HVAC application we measured a dW (weighted level difference) of 28 with no measurable reverberation. 

The clients and surrounding neighbors were ecstatic with the resulting installation that allowed this supermarket to continue is extended trading hours.

Sound Transmission

81 dB

A Dyno Room Like No Other

Modular Wall Systems™ continually demonstrates theirabundance of design and engineering expertise across impenetrable noise wallsand barriers. Recently they were commissioned to build a custom-designed DynoRoom for owner, Gary. The happy customer was absolutely delighted with thefinal result that utilised Modular Wall Systems™ revolutionary AcoustiSorb™panels.


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