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Client - Mandalay Resources and Star West Drilling

Conducting exploration drilling within hundreds of metres of neighbouring homes means that Victorian mining company Mandalay Resources and its contractor Star West Drilling, are constantly searching for effective ways to minimise noise and reduce the impact on nearby residents.

The company tried traditional noise abatement solutions used in the mining sector, such as shipping containers. However these solutions are costly, hard to erect, difficult to relocate and didn’t provide the necessary height required to be truly effective. The solution was found in QuikWall, the contemporary, innovative temporary walling alternative. 



Eight QuikWall units were installed around the project site within just two days and operations resumed with minimal disturbance.

Mandalay Resources Testimonial

"Mandalay Resources purchased sound walls from your company late last year. I am pleased to inform you that they have exceeded our noise reduction requirements. As such we are interested in purchasing another 8 panels like the ones previously ordered."

Luke Olson, Mandalay Resources

Project Press Release

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