Melbourne Water Alliance Victoria - VogueWall
Client - Melbourne Water Alliance Victoria

Melbourne Water Alliance Victoria performed initial noise testing during generator commissioning. Tests showed that the backup generator for one of the pumping stations could possibly exceed EPA decibel levels when operated. Melbourne Water Alliance approached Modular Wall Systems for a quick, cost effective and visually pleasing solution that would prevent this from this occurring.

In order to prevent noise complaints, a
 custom sound enclosure around the specific generator was required, meeting the following criteria:
- reduce noise levels below limits for night & day time operations 
- no strip footings, due to unknown underground services
- installation within 3 days
- cost effective in comparison to a masonry alternative
- flexibility in choosing the colour of the wall


A three meter high VogueWall with AcoustiMax 75 noise reduction panels was installed and custom finished within 2 days. Noise levels are now reduced to below acceptable limits, allowing local residents to once again enjoy peace and quiet in their immediate surroundings.

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