Unrivalled Environmental Noise Control Solutions

Noise mitigation, security, safety, sediment control and visual amenity; these are just some of the many challenges faced by the mining industry today. Modular Wall Systems have fast become the go to solution for environmental noise control delivering outstanding results for large and small scale operations.

We have developed a range of product solutions from our mining enclosures, Permanent Noise Walls to our versatile, re-usable and transportable Temporary, Kerb and Collapsible Walls; even designing the first ever Flat Pack Sound Enclosure
Based around our innovative composite wall panels and supported by our unique post system, the Modular Wall System has been specifically designed to insulate sound and mitigate noise. On average, using our standard 75mm composite panel, audible noise is reduced 20+ dBA. See NAL Test results.

The modular design of our products allow for efficient transportation, installation and removal significantly reducing logistical and labour costs.

As the inventor and market leader we have over 25 years experience in the composite walling industry and have designed, manufactured and installed many successful projects across a wide variety of industries and government departments, in some of the harshest and challenging conditions available.

• Acoustically proven
• Cyclone wind rated
• Fast installation
• Easy transportation
• Relocatable
• ISO9001 Quality Assurance
• OH&S – 0 hours lost
• A Carbon Offset company

Permanent Acoustic Walls

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Available heights to 4500mm  (taller walls available on request)

Get privacy, security, and noise insulation with an attractive functional Barrier Wall and without the high construction costs.

No longer does a commercial or barrier wall have to look like one! Have the same pleasing look of a domestic wall just taller.

Barrier walls have an overall panel thickness of 75mm and a choice of either external or flush top wall capping. Posts measure 150 (face) x 250mm (depth). Each standard section has an effective coverage of 2500mm, 2800mm or 3100mm, post centre to post centre.

Flat Pack Plant Enclosures

Generally custom made to suit the application & utilise a mix of Modular Wall Systems panels and support methods to tailor make a room that is fit for purpose.
Steel Skin, Fibre cement skin or an Absorbing panel can all be utilised to meet the acoustic requirements.
We also manufacture composite roofing panels for a free standing room style enclosure.

Applications - Plant Enclosures, Generator Enclosures and many more.

All Available in a Flat Pack form ready for onsite assembly.




Temporary Sound Barriers

Using a mix of Modular Wall Systems technologies and engineering prowess we can tailor a Temporary Wall or Kerb Wall to meet your needs.


Temporary Walls 

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Available heights from 2400mm – 4000mm

All of these wall types are designed for easy removal and relocation.
Standard heights of up to 4000mm and typical spans of 3000mm.
Applications - Drilling rigs, Machinery noise during construction, Generators, temporary plant Enclosures and many more.



Kerb Walls


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Available heights from 1800mm – 3000mm

Designed for easy erection, removal and relocation.
Standard heights of up to 3.0 meters and typical spans of 3.0 meters.

Unique kerb Joining System, allows the wall to turn corners or radiuses!

Applications – temporary road way crash/sound barriers, drilling rigs, machinery noise during construction, generators and many more.

By keeping abreast of the continuing issues faced by the mining industry we are able to innovate, design, manufacture and install site specific solutions that best address your individual needs.

We are confident the Modular Wall System is the most versatile and effective solution for noise abatement and site containment on the market today.