Modular Wall Systems DIY

Don`t pay someone for something you can easily achieve yourself with our DIY boundary walls.

“If you can dig a hole, you can build a wall”

Simple, Easy and Affordable for both the novice and experienced DIY’er.

In 2004, Modular Walls Founder Nick Holden appeared on the popular ABC program `The New Inventors` and has been busy helping people build beautiful, affordable walls ever since.

Nick says:
“My initial concept was to make life easier for you, the Home Handyman, Landscaper or Builder (not to mention save you some money compared to traditional masonry walls). Why should you have the hassle of dealing with bricklayers when you can build in 1 day what it would take them a week to complete? I have always considered the DIY customer extremely important and since the very beginning Modular Wall Systems has provided detailed installation guides and videos to support. In all these years and with over 4000 walls completed we have never had a DIY wall failure. That’s testament to both the quality precision of the manufacturing and the simplicity in design and construction. I hope you enjoy installing your modular wall (and admiring it) as much as I did creating and manufacturing it for you.” Nick Holden

  • Australia’s most versatile DIY fencing system
  • Front walls, Boundary walls, Feature walls, Privacy walls, Retaining Walls and Acoustic walls
  • Easy finishing options for the ultimate wow experience
  • As seen on the Better Homes and Gardens
  • Build in 1 day (20+ metres) what it would take a brickie a week to complete
  • No bricklayers, No strip footings, No hassles
  • With panels weighing a average of 33kg, its the ultimate lightweight wall system  
  • 100% Australian made and manufactured
  • Industry leading Service. Order today – get your wall next week.
  • Delivery Australia wide
  • Expert step by step instructions and straightforward installation videos
  • Weekend phone support if required
  • Do it yourself and save


Whats Next


    Am I capable of building a wall? Read the installation instructions 


    Decide on a wall style that suits. Use the `Design your wall` tab above in conjunction with the information on the products page to help you assertain what style suits you best. If you still need help in making a decision we are always happy to help & advise, just call on 1300 556 957.


    Measure your wall length. Use the `upload` function on our contact us page to send us your mud map. Keep it simple and remember to include an address so we can quote you on delivery.
If you would like to get more detailed then you can download our Site Measure guide below.

    Place an order and expect delivery in under a week


Proud Melbourne DIY`er; BEFORE and AFTER.